Pediatric Emergency Care in Baytown, TX

We understand that a visit to Altus Emergency Center is scary enough for a child without being exposed to sick, injured, or traumatized adults. For that reason, our pediatric emergency care near you is open and treating young patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The children’s treatment area is fully equipped with a waiting room play area and dedicated kid-friendly patient rooms. It’s a calming and healing environment designed just for pediatric patients.

Pediatric Emergency Care in Baytown, TX

Our highly skilled pediatric ER physicians and medical staff are well-equipped to handle all emergencies and childhood injuries. Our pediatric ER team has many years of experience specialty training to be certified to care for kids in emergency situations. Our emergency care facility is a child-friendly environment, staffed with an expert pediatric technician.

When your child experiences a medical emergency or a trauma, time is of the essence. You want to get them the care they need immediately. That’s why Altus Emergency Center provides pediatric emergency care in 77521, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Pediatric Injuries and Conditions

Pediatric ER doctors at Altus Emergency Center in Baytown treat infants and children up to age 14, for a full range of medical conditions and injuries, including:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Complications from chronic or congenital illnesses
  • Cuts
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Head injuries
  • High and persistent fever
  • Psychiatric crisis evaluations
  • Severe infections

Specialized Emergency Care in Baytown, Texas

Our children’s emergency doctors are sensitive to kids needs. Our ER physicians take a unique approach to pediatric emergency care. By using child-friendly communication methods, toys, games and focused attention, our pediatric emergency care staff in Baytown put children at ease so they are more receptive to necessary treatment and procedures.

In addition, our pediatric emergency specialists know how to use kid-sized medical equipment and tools or those adjusted to fit your child’s size. If a hospital stay is inevitable, your pediatric emergency care physician can arrange to have them transferred to a nearby hospital for the specialty care they need.


What is considered a pediatric emergency?
If your child has suffered some physical trauma or impact, an allergic reaction, or broken bones, then go to a pediatric emergency room immediately.
Where can you find pediatric emergency care in Baytown?
Altus Emergency Centers provides pediatric emergency care in Baytown, TX.
When should I take my child to a Baytown Emergency Room?
In case of significant injury, fever, allergic reaction, or any other health problem, you should take your child to an ER for kids that allows walk-ins, like Baytown Emergency Room.
How do you choose a pediatric ER for your child?
You should head a pediatric ER near you that is well-equipped to handle any emergency.
Should I go to urgent care or ER for a children’s emergency?
In case of a serious emergency, you should go to your nearest children’s emergency room. However, you can go to urgent pediatric care in other non-threatening cases.
How long does it take to be seen in the ER?
You should get attended immediately. Altus Emergency Centers have a no-wait ER and are open 24/7.
What if my child is uninsured?
Your child will still be given emergency care in a pediatric ER near you. Moreover, there can be other payment options.
Do babies get priority in Altus ER Baytown?
At Altus ER Baytown, babies are provided 24/7 pediatric care.
Is an appointment needed for an ER visit?
No. You don’t need an appointment to visit an ER.
How to Schedule a pediatric Emergency Room visit in Baytown?
You can visit us 24/7 at Altus ER Baytown. You can always give us a call.
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