Observation Program in Baytown, TX

Unlike many other free-standing emergency rooms in Baytown, Altus Emergency Center has the capacity to admit patients for observation. Each patient in the observation program can be surveyed for at least 8 hours and up to 24 hours. If you or a loved one need further medical observation, the staff at Altus Emergency Center will transfer the patient to a Baytown area hospital.

Observation Program in 77521

Baytown patients that are admitted for observation will be treated like they would be in a local hospital. The dedicated observation rooms at Altus Emergency Center are designed to accommodate both patients and their loved ones with relaxing amenities.

During your observation in Baytown, our medical professionals will monitor your health condition and make sure that all your needs are addressed. Our observation program in Baytown can help reduce the likelihood of readmission and help our patients recover more quickly.

Medical Observation in Baytown

Our Baytown medical observation program is just one of the emergency services provided at Altus Emergency Center. It affords a safe and comforting place for further patient evaluation when necessary before final decisions are made about your medical care.

While in the observation program, the Altus Emergency Center team will work with you to create your care plan. Your individualized treatment plan will determine what physicians, assistants, technicians, and departments are involved in your care. Patients in the Altus Emergency Center observation program enjoy all sorts of amenities offered to inpatients in a hospital room. These include in-room dining, telephone access, and phone service.

24-Hour Observation

The dedicated staff members in the observation unit are prepared to manage your needs while you are being evaluated over a 24-hour period. This specialized unit is in close proximity to the ER department to facilitate communications amongst the providers.

Are you injured or ill and think you may benefit from our observation program in Baytown? Don’t hesitate to visit Altus Emergency Center. We are always available all day, every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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