Migraine Care in Baytown, TX

When someone is suffering from a migraine, they want immediate relief from their pain. Unfortunately, many headache painkillers and prescription medications don’t work on a migraine. Sometimes, all you can do is suffer and wait for the migraine to subside.

Emergency Migraine Care in 77521

At times an intense headache can indicate a serious health threat that demands emergency medical attention. Never ignore a severe migraine, it can be a sign of a dangerous condition. For that reason, it is important to know the difference between a throbbing heading and a bad migraine.

Emergency Migraine Treatment at Altus Emergency Center

Make sure you know when to seek emergency migraine treatment in Baytown. Signs of trouble include:

Excessive vomiting: In some cases, vomiting can lessen the intensity of a migraine, or make it go away altogether. But if the vomiting continues without pain relief, the result could be severe dehydration. This can be very harmful and cause a loss of consciousness, delirium and other health concerns.

Severe headache pain: If you suffer from migraines, you know what to expect. If you experience a level of pain that is more excruciating then ever before it could be the result of a life-threatening condition, such as an aneurysm that could burst in your brain.

A Severe headache that lasts longer than normal: A migraine of this magnitude that lasts for three days or more without a minimum of four hours of relief is considered to be a stroke risk. A headache at this severity should be treated aggressively with emergency migraine care as soon as possible.

Migraine Relief Now

If you ever experience a dangerous migraine, never attempt to wait out the pain. See immediate migraine care in Baytown, TX now. Altus Emergency Center is a conveniently located free-standing emergency room in Baytown without the hospital traffic, and trouble-free parking.

Altus Emergency Center is a full service, 24/7 emergency room facility that ready to serve Baytown and help you get the emergency relief you need. Call us to schedule an appointment or get more information on emergency migraine care in Baytown, TX. Walk-ins are always welcome.

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