Head/Back Injuries in Baytown, TX

Visiting an emergency room following a head or back injury in Baytown, TX, should be a necessity. At Altus Emergency Center in Baytown, TX, we don’t recommend that patients follow the “wait and see” approach. Head and back injuries can be serious, and the sooner we intervene, the better the outcome.

At Altus Emergency Center, we see head and back injuries near you every day. Many of them are simple muscle spasms, but some are serious and need further evaluation. Our team is prepared to take good care of your health. We have the experience, equipment, and training required to take care of your head or back injury.

What to Do?

Knowing a few first aid instructions can make a big difference. If you see someone on the ground following a motorcycle accident or a sports injury, you need to recognize the warning signs. Patients who are feeling weak and/or numb are likely to have spinal injuries. If a person’s consciousness is fluctuating or unstable, they could have a serious head injury. Finally, if a person’s body seems twisted, you should also suspect a spinal injury.

If an injury to the spine is suspected, the patient shouldn’t be moved until the paramedics arrive. Moving their head, neck, or back could worsen the injury. If they’re vomiting or choking on blood, you can roll them on their side with the help of someone else.

Prevention and Treatment

There are important steps to take to prevent head and spinal injuries. Wearing a seatbelt while driving a car or a helmet while riding a motorcycle is essential. Wearing a helmet while playing sports, like football, is also highly recommended. To prevent muscle spasms, you shouldn’t carry heavy loads or exercise without warming up.

Treatment will depend on the injury. A patient with a simple muscle spasm or bruise to the face can be discharged with instructions and precautions. We might need to keep you here at Altus Emergency Center a little longer if we think you need an MRI or a CT scan. Patients with serious injuries will most likely be admitted.

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