Cardiology in Baytown, TX

When a person experiences a cardiac emergency, a quick response, fast thinking and immediate treatment are crucial to restore health. At Altus Emergency Center in Baytown, Texas, our highly trained ER doctors and medical staff are experienced at caring for and treating patients experiencing a cardiac episode or chest pain. The goal of our physicians and medical team is to always react fast in a gentle and compassionate way. At Altus Emergency Center, we provide the best emergency care for Cardiology in Baytown, TX.

Cardiology is a medical discipline that focuses on heart and circulatory system disorders. This branch of medicine includes the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, heart attack, valvular heart disease, electrophysiology and coronary artery disease.

Altus Emergency Center Cardiology

The emergency cardiology services department at Altus Emergency Center in Baytown is a 24-hour facility, operating 7 days a week. Our accredited cardiac care center is equipped with advanced technology and board-certified ER physicians, cardiologists, specially trained nurses and medical staff. At Altus Emergency Center, we are proud to offer a fast door-to-balloon time. Door-to-balloon is a measurement of how long it takes a patient in cardiac distress to get from the door of the emergency room to being treated with a balloon angioplasty. This is a necessary procedure for a heart attack victim, as a balloon angioplasty opens the damaged artery.

Cardiac Care Services in Baytown

Altus Emergency Center also features a no wait triage that is dedicated to treating patients in three minutes or less, upon arrival. The cardiology doctors on our highly skilled ER medical staff are trained in treating heart failure and other cardiovascular emergencies. In addition, our cardiac medical teams are as have expertise in treating all other critical emergencies as well.

For cardiology services in 77521 and the surrounding areas, Altus Emergency Center ‚Äč works with local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and airlift services to ensure that patients in need reach the hospital quickly.

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