Why would I need to visit an emergency center?

Just like traditional hospital emergency centers, the doors at Altus Emergency Center in Baytown, TX are never shut. We provide top quality services on-site with our lab allowing for testing to be completed right away. Not to mention, our emergency room can conduct CAT scans, x-rays, and ultrasounds on-site as well. At our ER in Baytown, you will never have to wait for a board-certified physician who is trained in emergency services. Unlike traditional ERs, we pride ourselves on having little-to-no waiting time, easily accessible parking, and a comfortable environment for you and your family to receive the best care. At our ER in Baytown, you can receive proper care without messy billing issues and the long wait times often associated with conventional ERs.

What is an emergent medical condition?

State and federal law both considers the “prudent layperson standard” when deciding whether a patient is in a state of emergency from an emergent medical condition. A layperson is a person who has a basic understanding of healthcare and medicine and determines that they are experiencing enough pain from acute symptoms that a visit to the ER is warranted. In other words, an emergent medical condition is something that has recently occurred and not a pre-existing chronic condition.

Can my children receive care at Baytown’s Altus Emergency Center?

Every physician on our staff is highly capable of practicing emergency medicine. Additionally, all of our doctors are highly capable of practicing family medicine while maintaining an expansive knowledge base of emergency medicine in particular. Furthermore, the doctors at our ER in Baytown have extensive experience providing treatment and care to kids of all ages; consequently, they can handle all sorts of illnesses and emergencies

Can my local pharmacy receive prescriptions from your facility?

At our Baytown emergency room, we can quickly send your prescriptions to any pharmacy in any area electronically. Also, we work closely with a nearby pharmacy to get your prescriptions filled as promptly as possible — saving time and money.

What if I need to go to a traditional hospital?

There are many health-related issues which might require you to stay in a hospital for extended treatment and further diagnoses. Altus Emergency Centers’ Baytown ER offers you a choice if you have such a medical condition where you need to be transferred to another hospital. At the same time, we can help assess your requirements and take the top location of treatment for you and your family.

What insurance plans do you take?

Altus Emergency Center takes nearly every private and commercial type of insurance. We offer the most inexpensive, patient-friendly discounts for qualifying individuals. Also, we have an incredibly dedicated claims department to help you with your insurance appeals and help you move forward.

Do you take Medicare and Medicaid?

Although we do accept Medicare and Medicaid, we do give every patient who comes to our facility a free screening to assess their level of health and see if any further medical treatment is required.

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