Orthopedic Injuries and the Emergency Room

Orthopedic Injuries and the Emergency Room

Oct 01, 2019

An orthopedic injury is damage done to the musculoskeletal system, typically around the joints. The musculoskeletal system encompasses all of the muscles and the bones underneath. Injuries to these sections of the body can be debilitating and painful, especially if someone manages to rip or tear a muscle and fails to allow it to heal properly.

Such damage can become compounded over time, lead to permanent weakness, and even affect your mobility. When someone experiences one of these injuries, they don’t always realize that it is possible to go an ER in Baytown to receive high quality treatment.

Why Go to an ER?

Not all orthopedic injuries are the same. If the bone or soft tissue – like muscles – has been damaged and is at risk of causing further injury, then it is critical that your or the injured party head to an emergency room straight away. The medical staff will be able to examine the injury, determine where the root of the problem is, and then begin treatment to fix the muscle and bone.

An orthopedic emergency from an accident can include the following injuries:

  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Fractures that require some form of repair or casing
  • Tendon ruptures
  • Dislocations of the joint (like the shoulder)
  • Concussions

An orthopedic emergency could also arise if someone received treatment but experienced a complication that threatens their future health. Some of these complications include issues like:

  • An infection from surgery or resetting a fracture
  • Swelling that restricts blood flow
  • Blood clots
  • Re-injury caused by another injury or trauma

If you are still unsure about whether or not your orthopedic injury necessitates a trip to the ER, check for the following symptoms:

  • A loss of consciousness from head injury or blood loss
  • Bleeding from a deep cut that requires stitching
  • A compound fracture that broke the skin
  • A closed fracture that stops you from using the limb – i.e. you can move your arm or leg

What Can an ER Do to Help?

When it comes to orthopedic injuries, it’s important to reset bones and muscles so they can heal properly. A bone that is not set, for example, will often heal crooked and be permanently weakened and misshapen. The staff at the ER can also check you for more serious conditions that might not be immediate obvious, including internal bleeding following a severe workplace or automobile accident.

If someone visits the ER for an orthopedic injury involving broken skin, excess bleeding, or an infection, then treatment varies. Injuries with broken skin typically require disinfecting as well as stitching to help seal the wound. Someone with excess bleeding needs to have the source identified to ensure an internal structure is not damaged to the point of needing outside repair.

Meanwhile, an infection in a bone or muscle needs immediate treatment before it has a chance to spread. Depending on the severity, minor surgery could be required to clean out the infected tissues and remove decay. Antibiotics will then be prescribed to eliminate any lingering trace of the infection so it doesn’t reemerge.

Future Treatment

After visiting an ER for an orthopedic injury, you will typically be preferred to another office for physical therapy and future treatment. Because of the nature of the musculoskeletal system, it’s important to receive treatment that focuses on stretching and strengthening any damaged muscles.

Occasionally, the ER will also prescribe medications and dietary recommendations to ease pain and discomfort. All of the information is typically explained after the injury has been set and the patient is ready to leave.

If your condition is severe, the ER might insist you remain overnight or be transferred to another hospital to be monitored for changes in your condition. This can occur because of a serious internal infection or a fracture where the bone managed to pierce the muscle and skin.

Where to Receive Treatment

If you’re trying to find orthopedics injury treatment in Baytown, TX, consider visiting the Altus Emergency Center. This state of the art ER features physicians and medical staff skilled in treating orthopedic injuries and damage, and they can also refer you to another location for future treatment and care.

If you’re experiencing an emergency, don’t wait.

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