My Top Six Natural Ways to Ease Migraines

My Top Six Natural Ways to Ease Migraines

Apr 29, 2019

Migraines are painful and can be debilitating, causing stress and anxiety to occur as you scramble to make yourself feel better. With Altus migraine care in Baytown, TX, you can get treatment for your head pain from professionals. Before that, there are some natural remedies you can try.

Avoiding Dairy

A lot of foods full of dairy are linked to the occurrence of migraines – including chocolate. Cutting down on dairy as well as chocolate and opting for fresh fruits and vegetables instead can reduce migraine symptoms.


Doing yoga for at least 5 days week for 30 minutes can reduce the number of migraines you experience. Yoga is a gentle exercise that can improve your health and relieve stress.

Cayenne Pepper

This may be hot, but it works very well. All you have to do is add about a half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a cup of hot water and take slow sips. Do this until you get relief from your migraine as the pepper balances out your blood pressure and relieves pressure you are experiencing when a migraine occurs.

Lavendar Oil

Lavendar oils has been utilized for centuries as a medicinal aid. Simply adding some lavender to a warm bath or into a diffuser can reduce migraine symptoms and bring you some relief. Peppermint oil may work as well.


Meditation can relieve any mental and physical symptoms that are the result of stress. It can be a very effective way to relieve migraine pain as well as improve memory and brain functionality, improve the immune system, and keep you experience some negative effects of aging.


Massaging the scalp and forehead can cause a dramatic reduction in the tension you are experiencing when a migraine occurs. Massaging the area loosens the muscles and improves the flow of blood, allowing more oxygen to get to the area.

If you try all of these natural remedies and experience no relief, visit an urgent care near me for immediate relief from migraine pain and symptoms. An Altus Emergency Center professional in our emergency room in Baytown can provide care needed to calm migraines and reduce the occurrence of symptoms.

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