4 Things That You Must Know About The Covid-19 Delta Variant

4 Things That You Must Know About The Covid-19 Delta Variant

Sep 01, 2021

It is no news that a new wave of the coronavirus, the covid-19 delta variant has hit the world; making it the fourth wave of the coronavirus.

This new strain has become rampant in the country and around the world. Furthermore, this has happened at a time when people are being encouraged to take the vaccine for the original strain. The covid-19 delta variant vaccine is not available and people will have to make do with the existing vaccine.

“Is the delta variant more deadly?” this is one question that a lot of people have asked since cases of this variant have been reported. People understand how fatal the original strain was and want to know if t this new strain poses a bigger threat. The delta variant is more deadly.

It is easier to contract, spreads faster, and has a shorter incubation period. Doctors have even reported delta variant symptoms in vaccinated adults. This means that even if you have the vaccine, you still need to observe covid-19 protocols. And if you do not have the vaccine yet, you can schedule an appointment today with Altus Emergency Center (Baytown).

As more people with coronavirus symptoms are being reported all over the country, it has become important that you know a few things about the covid-19 delta variant. So, here are 4 things that you must know about the delta variant.

  1. It is similar to the covid-19.

The symptoms of the covid-19 delta variant are similar to that of the original strain. Though they show similar symptoms, research has shown that the delta variant is worse than covid-10. How? The delta variant incubation period is about 6 days. This implies that after 6 days, a person will begin to show coronavirus delta symptoms day by day. This variant, when in a person’s respiratory tract grows very rapidly. Some people are asymptomatic to the virus which means they do not show symptoms or they will have dismissible symptoms. However, for those who are symptomatic, the delta variant symptoms timeline is 6 days and the rate of spread before these 6 days is twice as high as the rate of spread of any other variant.

  1. Unvaccinated people are more susceptible to the delta variant

A lot of people wonder if the covid-19 vaccine is effective against the covid-19 delta variant. The truth is that the vaccine is not 100% effective against the delta variant but it can make some people immune to the new strain. This leaves out people who have not been vaccinated. Remember that the new strain spreads faster than any other strain. This means that the chances of getting a virus more deadly than the covid-19 are two times higher. It is hard to run from it. If you are unvaccinated, the best course of action is to get vaccinated. Altus Emergency Center (Baytown) can help with getting vaccinated. All you have to do is to reach out.

  1. An outbreak of the delta variant will be catastrophic

The delta variant did not fall from space into our atmosphere. When the virus finds its way into a person’s respiratory tract, it begins to duplicate itself. This duplication is what forms new variants like the delta variant. People who have not been vaccinated are the ones that the virus uses their bodies as hosts to replicate itself. If you decide to stay unvaccinated, more variants will be developed and that is not all. You will influence people around not to get the vaccine too and this will allow the variant to spread around your community. A community is all that it takes to cause a nationwide or even a worldwide outbreak. So get vaccinated today and play your part in saving the world.

  1. More variants will likely come

The original strain of the covid-19 was strong enough to put the world on lockdown, more deadly variants have com and more will come if you do not get vaccinated and reduce the spread of the virus. Get your covid-19 vaccine from Altus Emergency Center (Baytown) to save yourself and the world at large.

Even if you have been vaccinated, you are still expected to mask up and keep a social distance from people. Wash your hands and sanitize them regularly.

Unvaccinated people who contracted the coronavirus wished they had taken the vaccine. Don’t wait till you also begin. Get vaccinated immediately.

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